Candy Buffets

Pick from any of our hundreds of delicious sweet treats to create a memorable candy buffet.

We have a large selection of our bakery items available for a Sweet Treat Buffet, or choose from our wide variety of bulk candy. Did you know we can colour coordinate your sweet buffet? Contact us to explore the best option for your special event!

Candy Buffet
Create a candy buffet for your special event. We can supply bulk candy and customize to your requirements. Book in store or phone for details.

Create your own Candy Buffet with our all-inclusive pricing

Regular Bulk
Regular and Specialty Bulk
Specialty Bulk
$200 + tax
Approx. 100 guests
10 kg Regular 7 kg Regular 
2 kg Specialty
8 kg Specialty
$280 + tax
Approx. 130 guests
14 kg Regular 8 kg Regular 
5 kg Specialty
11 kg Specialty
$360 + tax
Approx 170 guests
18 kg Regular 12 kg Regular 
5 kg Specialty
15 kg Specialty

Prices as of January 2020. Please contact us to order and confirm pricing.